Corporate Finance

We structure and distribute primary and secondary offerings of bonds and equities, arrange corporate finance transactions, undertake corporate valuations, and give advice on mergers and acquisitions.

We work with our clients using a comprehensive and flexible approach to understand their objectives and help them make better decisions. We take into consideration their business models, strategic plans, and financing needs.

We are the financial group with the most IPOs in the Argentine market, having conducted transactions for more than US$5bn for the most prominent companies in Argentina.

Here are some of our principal transactions:

May-2014US$ 56 Mn.Private sales to international institutional investors | Exclusive Financial Advisor

Jul-2011US$ 84 Mn.Block Trade (BASE) |  Exclusive Financial Advisor

Mar-2011US$ 1,236 Mn.Follow-on (NYSE) | Joint Bookrunner

Sep-2010 – Jun-2011US$ 224 Mn.Sales throught secondary market transactions | Exclusive Broker

Dec-2010 – Mar-2011US$ 1,084 Mn.Private sales to international institutional investors | Exclusive Financial Advisor

Apr-2007US$ 432 Mn.NASDAQ listed equity offering | Co-Manager

Mar-2006US$ 307 Mn.Full listing on NYSE through and IPO | Co-Lead Manager & Co-Bookrunner

Mar-2008US$ 288 Mn.Domestic and International Righs and Warrant Offering Bookrunner, Co-Manager & Co-Arranger

Feb-2018US$ 330 Mn.Follow On (BASE & NYSE) | Local Bookrunner

Sep-2007US$ 376 Mn.Fully SEC registered equity offering (NYSE & BASE) | Placement Agent & Bookrunner

Mar-2017US$ 45 Mn.Local Follow On | Manager & Bookrunner

Sep-2017US$ 474 Mn.Follow On (BASE & NYSE) | Global Co-Manager & Sole Local Bookrunner

May-2016US$ 322 Mn.Dual I PO (BASE & NYSE) | Global Co-Manager & Sole Local Bookrunner

Sales and trading

Our execution and intermediation skills are validated by more than 20 years occupying top positions in the local market by traded volume. We have an efficient and versatile platform, integrated with several local markets and access to an extensive network of clients and counterparts, domestic and international.

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