The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act was passed by the US government on 18 March, 2010.

FATCA invites all Foreign Financial Institutions (FFIs) to identify, to report and, in some cases, to hold US people funds.

Which is FATCA’s objective?

The aim is to spot and prevent investments tax evasion abroad by the US residents and citizens.

What does FATCA impact on?

FATCA is a wide regime and may impact on any individual or legal person, from the US or foreign, to the extent of such person´s involvement in making or receiving payments that fall within the FATCA’s frame.
The FFI will have to execute FATCA agreements with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and report directly to such organ.

Which is AR Partners S.A.’s position?

AR Partners S.A. has consented to participating in FATCA and complying with all this law’s requirements and obligations so as to be able to go on providing quality financial services to our clients.

How does FATCA impact on AR Partners S.A.?

This act requires us to determine the FATCA status of new clients before accepting them into our portfolio. The report on US people accounts to the IRS is put forward in March every year.

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